Thursday, December 4, 2008

Handmade Kids Roundup

Birth-1 Knitted Bib & Booties, Cloth Baby Shoes, Knitted/Crocheted Blanket, Soft Baby Cubes, Fabric Rings
1-2 Blocks, Spaceship and men, Boo Boo Frog, Fabric Balls , Crayon Nibbles
2-3 Library Tote, Crayon Roll, Fishing Set , Roll Up Car Mat
3-4 Super Hero Cape and mask, Bowling Set, Mailman Set , Wild West Gear
4-5 Appliqued t-shirts, Freezer paper stencil t-shirt , Giant Pick up Sticks
5-6 Notebook and Pencil Holder, Topped Pencil, Checkers
6-7 Pajamas & pillow case,

Birth-1 Knitted bib & booties, Cloth Baby Shoes, Knitted/Crocheted Blanket, Baby Doll Rattle, Fabric Rings
1-2 Blocks, Boo Boo Frog, Fabric Balls , Pillowcase Dress
2-3 Felt food, Library Tote, Crayon Roll , Fabric Dollhouse, Doll Blanket & Pillow, Princess and the Pea OR HERE with book
3-4 Super Hero Cape with mask and arm bands, Apron, Playdoh, Halter Dress
4-5 Skirt A B or C , Appliqued t-shirt, Crown, Barbie Clothing
5-6 Topped Pencil, Headband, Cupcake Purse,
6-7 Clip Board and pencil, Pajamas & Pillowcase,
7-8 Bath Set, Notebook & Pencil Holder, Crocheted Bolero

This list will update and change from time to time. If you have any good things to add to this list please please please leave a link in the comments! THANKS!