Thursday, December 4, 2008

Handmade Kids Roundup

Birth-1 Knitted Bib & Booties, Cloth Baby Shoes, Knitted/Crocheted Blanket, Soft Baby Cubes, Fabric Rings
1-2 Blocks, Spaceship and men, Boo Boo Frog, Fabric Balls , Crayon Nibbles
2-3 Library Tote, Crayon Roll, Fishing Set , Roll Up Car Mat
3-4 Super Hero Cape and mask, Bowling Set, Mailman Set , Wild West Gear
4-5 Appliqued t-shirts, Freezer paper stencil t-shirt , Giant Pick up Sticks
5-6 Notebook and Pencil Holder, Topped Pencil, Checkers
6-7 Pajamas & pillow case,

Birth-1 Knitted bib & booties, Cloth Baby Shoes, Knitted/Crocheted Blanket, Baby Doll Rattle, Fabric Rings
1-2 Blocks, Boo Boo Frog, Fabric Balls , Pillowcase Dress
2-3 Felt food, Library Tote, Crayon Roll , Fabric Dollhouse, Doll Blanket & Pillow, Princess and the Pea OR HERE with book
3-4 Super Hero Cape with mask and arm bands, Apron, Playdoh, Halter Dress
4-5 Skirt A B or C , Appliqued t-shirt, Crown, Barbie Clothing
5-6 Topped Pencil, Headband, Cupcake Purse,
6-7 Clip Board and pencil, Pajamas & Pillowcase,
7-8 Bath Set, Notebook & Pencil Holder, Crocheted Bolero

This list will update and change from time to time. If you have any good things to add to this list please please please leave a link in the comments! THANKS!


  1. Thanks for the list of ideas and links, Amy!

  2. Great list, love the idea of having that all set up for when you need it! I don't have anything to add ( I do have a six year old so if I come up with something I'll let you know. :)