Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentine Box

I couldn't find a box to buy to make Zoe's Valentine box for school. I didn't have a shoe box we could use either. So, I am standing in the kitchen thinking to myself, "what on earth can we use???hmmmm" And it hit me...the ginormous goldfish cracker box. Sweet! Here's what I did...

Completely open the top and clean out crumbs with something damp...I use a cleaning wipe...
Wrap the box with wrapping paper...Neatly fold the paper on the bottom so that it still sits flat...On the top be sure to carefully fold paper over and tape down...Gently fold box top back together...Staple top back together...Using an exacto knife carefully cut square into paper only and fold down...Next carefully cut into box to form sure to leave the bottom uncut...Tape paper onto flap...Decorate until your hearts content...Done!

1 comment:

  1. That is precious! Almost as cute as that stylish, growing-up girl in the photo!!