Thursday, March 31, 2011

Tea Party part four

After the girls crafted and cookied we sat down and read Tea for Ruby. They loved it! I was a tad worried they would like this part but my Zoe Bug is a big book lover and I wanted to do that for her. Luckily they all seemed to enjoy it. Another reason I wanted to read Tea for Ruby is because is taught tea party etiquette. How to sit, say please and thank you, great your guests (which I totally had Zoe do for each and everyone of them- and she had to take their coats and place them on her bed- along with the sweet) on and so forth with the etiquette.
After the story each girl found their flower and took their seat. And they proceeded to stare blankly at the table. They had no clue what to was funny. My mom and I got them started on their tea. Slowly but surely they all dove in. Here is what was on the menu...

Three kinds of tea with sugar cubes

Strawberry scones

Maple cinnamon scones

Mini cinnamon sugar muffins

Mini cookie sandwiches dipped in sprinkles

Carrot sticks- for good measure (;

PB & J cut out with heart shaped cookie cutters

Fruit cups

Mini Cupcakes

and peanuts...the only request from the birthday girl herself!

Some girls ate ok, but for the most part they picked and didn't really eat. But it was still just so pretty. I used my moms antique tea cups (her idea not mine!) and set everything out on glass platters. It was just so lovely.

I should add that nothing got broken until hubby was driving the tea cups and tea pots back to Moms house...something must have shifted and part of one of the tea pots broke off. I. Felt. Horrible!

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