Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Tea Party part three

I decided to do something crafty for Zoe's party and since we were taking cute teacup photos of each girl. Painting a frame seemed to make the most sense! So, I threw some of Steve's t-shirts over their party outfits and got them all painting! What a beautiful mess! I only used pink, purple, blue, and white paint. This way no matter how much mixing happened they would only end up with a shade of purple instead of brown. You could also do combos like red, yellow, orange, and white or green, blue, yellow, and on and so forth, but you get the idea. As the girls finished painting I had coloring pages and activity sheets for them to work on while they waited.

After painting I sent the girls to the bath room to wash their hands and moved all the painting supplies and frames to the counter. Rolled up the plastic table cloth and set out mini flower shaped cookies. The table cover was the trick here...all of this happened within minutes! Of course having names on plates and cookies pre-bagged didn't hurt either. Once the girls were back I showed them how to squeeze a large amount of frosting from a tube onto a cookie and sandwich it together. Then we dipped the edges in sprinkles and put them back in the bags. I added a label to the top with their names so they could have a treat for later. I actually did this largely due to the fact that I baked 150 mini cookies for tea and needed to do something with the massive amount of leftovers!!! If your curious here is the cookie recipe I used... it is a favorite!

I would say both these activities went over really well! Only one tiny blue speck on my wall...but that is why I used washable paint!

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