Sunday, January 23, 2011

Tote-A Bag-A *revisited*

Zoe attended a birthday party this weekend. I decided the book loving birthday girl needed a library tote bag. The pocket on the front is for a library card. I'm thinking since she rushed through most gifts but stopped to squeal about her new bag and book that it was well liked! I also got a big thanks for the mom. Apparently they go to the library each Monday and check out 14 books for the week...this little girl seems to like books even more than my little reader! If that is even possible!

The following is from the original post I wrote when I made Zoe's library tote bag.


I sewed up Zoe's Library Tote Bag last night. She found it this morning resting on a door knob with her library books inside. I think she really likes it! Now Mommy won't have to juggle keys, wallet, books, and a certain little 2 year old all the while trying to walk down the library stairs anymore! I didn't use a pattern. I just pulled out a really big children's book and added a couple of inches in every direction then cut out two in the ABC fabric and two in the stripy fabric. I sewed up the sides and bottom on each stuck the liner in and turned down a hem added the padded handles and sewed around the top of the bag. If you noticed I turned the ABC fabric down a bit further than the other so the stripy would peak out over the top. If any of this makes sense to you you must have some sewing knowledge. If it doesn't then I am truly sorry you read my I should have taken pictures as I was making it...ahhhh live and learn.
Tote-A Bag-A... that's Zoe lingo for Tote Bag!

This post has been added to and was origianlly posted on My Zoe Bug on 9/14/07.


  1. Hia Amy what a fantastic bag in one of my most fav colours too! I hope Zoe loves it and gets years of use as libraries are wonderful places.

    I know what you mean about pen and paper- I have a Bloglog. It's a book I write all my ideas in, a bit of a diary and my To Do List. Without the list I would wander around snuggling a cup of coffee mooching about what it was I should've been doing which was a really good idea the night before. LOL Can you tell I'm NOT a morning person? All pics in it are biro and mainly remind me about how I was planning to construct something.

    Your hair slides are very pretty. The bags you put them in are so cute. Did you design the logo? Very good.

  2. ADORABLE. You might even say.. sew cute. Ok, so it is past my bedtime. *giggle*. I love the idea of the ABC fabric. Perfect for a Library Bag!

  3. So Super Cute! Someday hopefully I'll get to make girl stuff. lol!

  4. Great bag Amy! No pattern, very clever! I think it's fantastic. Perfect fabric choice!

  5. I love the pocket for the library card. It's hard to keep track of those things. It's a very cute bag!!

  6. The bag is so cute and I am sure the one gift that will be used without fail! I particularly like the spot for the library card too!

  7. Sooo cute!!!
    And that pocket for card is soooo usefulll, i know, I still haven't sew it on our library bag :o) and we arefishing it out of the bag every time we are there...