Monday, January 10, 2011

Happy Birthday on New Years Eve

Hayden's birthday is New Years Eve. We spent the first half of the day celebrating him turning two and the second half throwing and I quote "The Best Party Ever!" That would be from Zoe as we danced our booties off in our living room celebrating the coming New Year. What fun! We also made homemade pretzels to go along with our junk food dinner. And since junk food doesn't really enter our daily diet around here this was a BIG treat. I highly recommend making soft pretzels with your kids at least once. It is actually pretty simple. I made the dough and she rolled and shaped and had a great time. I was even able to teach her how to braid.The only photo I have of our finished product is pretty crappy, but you get the idea. Here is the recipe we use. We bought some mild cheese sauce to dip them in too. Yum!I have pleanty to share from Hayden in all of his 2 year old goodness :) ...soon


  1. Really fun stuff! And great idea with the pretzels. New Year's Eve and the fourth of July must be awesome days for birthdays, I've always thought!

  2. No way! Hayden is 2 already? That was too fast, I think.

    Mmmm... homemade pretzels. I remember my sister making these when we were teens. I particularly remember being asked to taste the dough in her first batch. Ack. She used a 1/4 cup of yeast instead of 1 Tbsp. (because mom bought yeast in bulk and the recipe called for a packet of yeast- which meant my sister didn't know how much a packet held). Bleck. The first batch was a disaster. lol Your pretzels look great!