Thursday, January 6, 2011


Another Christmas gift... when I found this pattern I knew exactly who I was going to make it for. The only thing was I didn't even know if it was for a boy or girl! We welcomed 5 new babies into the world last year and these parents to be were absolutely perfect matches for this sweet little octopus. And when they found out they were having a girl and decided that the nursery decor would be an oceany under the water theme I literally squealed! I had already started Oopsie in a red, teal, and green color scheme, but when I found out about the nursery I had to start over in the nursery colors. This was my first stuffed animal. Even though I made several mistakes along the way and it is a bit wonky I still loved it and I think the little 1 month old sweetheart I gifted it to might just love it one day too.
The pattern can be found here. The only changes I made were simply skipping the cheeks and mouth. I liked it better without.