Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Handyman Hayden is Two!

For Hayden's 2nd birthday we celebrated together as a family and threw a slightly bigger party for extended family the following week. I decided on a Handyman/construction sort of theme. Here are a few of the handmade items I threw together for his big day.
Invitations- original idea from here. I couldn't get the files to work so I just drafted my own patterns for everything. The paint brush was a favorite of min e because of the "bristles".
Happy Birthday banner-just paint chips with cut out letters, double sticked taped on, two holes punched and attached with string. Easy.
Door sign. I sketched it out from images of constructions signs I found on a google image search, and just added a party hat. This gave pleanty of chuckles to the adults at the party.Tool box party favors. That hold animal crackers just right. I will work up an animal box favor box pattern...soon...hopefully :)
Hayden's "2" shirt and hard hat
The cakes-cupcakes for his actual birthday and a cake for his party. I used Wilton's candy clay recipe for the yellow and green details on his tape measure cake. I also used this Cake Boss frosting recipe...Best. Frosting. I. Have. Ever. Made...yummmm.
I also tied balloons to some cones I found at the party supply store.
All in all I would say this was my favorite birthday party we have hosted. Simple and inexpensive.


  1. WOW...great, original, creative ideas! That banner with paint chips was BRILLIANT! What a wonderful party. You impress me Amy! You always have!

  2. Happy Birthday Hayden - I have a Bob the Builder Themed party planning occuringat the moment - must pull my finger out - invites aren't out yet and the bash is meant to be on Sunday - opps.