Friday, January 14, 2011

Never too many hearts

When your five as long as it is pink or has a heart on it it matches right? Here is Zoe in her "hearts galore outfit". Her words not mine. She was never more tickled than when I bought the shirt and socks for her. I told her to put her jean skirt on with it and when she stepped out of her room I thought...nope, no way, not my daughter! Let's just say the skirt had finally become too short and the knee high socks where more like thigh high socks! She has been wearing this jean skirt for two years now. I like it because it has the shorts under it so I was determined to get lots of use out of it. Well, in my determination I thought I should just add some pink fabric with hearts on it and then it will last yet another year at least! Woo Whoo! She loves it. I love the length. Daddy approves too. Win win! She is all set for Valentine's Day!
Please note there are hearts on her socks, skirt, shirt, a necklace, and a hairclip made by mommy :)

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