Sunday, January 9, 2011

Felt Food

In '09 when my littlest niece turned one I made her oodles of felt food. I made eggs, toast, a pat of butter, bacon, I made a complete bologna sandwich, a bag of chips, strawberries, bow tie pasta and sauce, I made a steak and broccoli, a cupcake topped with a cherry, and a candy cane(she got that on top of her Christmas gift) , AND completely forgot to take any pictures of any of it...I may have even forgotten a thing or two here. Phooey. This year I added to her felt food mostly because I never got around to making the piece of pumpkin pie I reeeaaallllyyy wanted to make for her last year. So this year I made for her...
A movie snack set- based on this tutorial plus I added a pretzel.
I love how the Hershey bar opens. I used this font for the letters. I also added some grey felt for the foil part of the packaging, plus it hid all of my stitching from the letters.
Cinnamon roll- sewed down some white yarn for the frosting.
A popsicle
And of course the piece of pumpkin pie- Which btw Hayden thought was real and kept pleading with me to give him the "cake". Once I handed it to him you should have seen the utterly confused look on his face...priceless.


  1. We love all the food! I think I play with it as much as K does! :)

  2. Your felt food is amazing! It all looks delicious, so I can see how Hayden was deceived by the pie. It looks good enough to eat!