Wednesday, January 5, 2011

My SUPER big long project

I started this Christmas gift way back in July.
I was so very proud of myself.
Everything but a simple bag to put it is was finished!
THEN, sometime around October I went to show it off and for whatever reason the modge podge decided to adhere everything together. I had waited a week before packing it up being sure to let everything dry and not be sticky anymore.
This had never happened before!
I think I had a bad batch of modge podge.
So, after doing some sanding, exacto knifing, re papering, paint touching up, and modge podging it all over again- I still loved it.
It was ten times more work and took ten time longer to finish than it should have, but I think the Mom and Dad to the little 10 month old were pleased. Especially when they saw the little Super Hero personalized for their little "A".
I found inspiration for this project from all different places. Here and here. The word blocks was my idea- if it's already out there I have no clue.
I bought the wooden blocks and little people here and used this pad of scrapbook paper.
I tried to keep the blocks super-hero-esk (yep that is totally a word). All in all this was my favorite project to gift this year.

phew! After looking back through this post I think I should have titled it My SUPER big long post!- I just loved how all the pictures turned out and wanted to share them all :)


  1. Super cute! I am sure this will be enjoyed for many, many years!

  2. Amy, this is fantastic! I love it - what a perfect gift for a little superhero.

    Bravo for not being deterred when the Modge Podge misbehaved. I don't know that I would've handled that set back so well. lol